Built 1900
GRT /NRT 708 / 388
Length / beam / draft 185.4 x 29.2 x 11.8 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number) Taylor & Mitchell Greenock (3)
Engines / engine builder T3cyl (15, 25, 40 x 27in), 82nhp by McKie & Baxter, Glasgow
Owners Built for John White, London as GRESHAM, sold after one month to New Zealand Shipping Co. Ltd., London as PETONE
  1903 Blackball Coal Co. Ltd., London (operating in New Zealand)
  1910 Canterbury Steam Shipping Co. Ltd., Lyttleton
  1916 Robert Todhunter & John Montgomery, Lyttleton
  1916 Cunningham, Shaw & Co., London
  1917 Petone Steam Shipping Co. Ltd., London / Cardiff
  1920 Zenith Steam Shipping Co. Ltd. (Loane, Williams & Co.), London / Cardiff

Ashore east of Fecamp on 8 October 1921 while on a voyage from Blyth to Rouen with coal, refloated next day and sold the following day 10 Oct.1921 to Bennett and renamed SPARTA

  Assisted with evacuation of troops from Brest to Falmouth on 17 June 1940.

Sunk by mine on 10 March 1941 in position 50.55N 00.35E, 10 miles off Dungeness  while on a voyage from Blyth to Southampton with coal. Nine of her crew were lost.

Seen below as PETONE

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