Built 1898
Type Cargo Ship
Tonnages 2570 grt, 1649 nrt
Length / beam / draft 313.0 x 44.2 x 20.6 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number)

Robert Thompson & Sons, Sunderland (204)

Engine Builder North-Eastern Marine Engineering Co. Ltd., Sunderland
Engine T3cyl (22, 36.5, 60 x 42in), 251 nhp
O.N. 104221
Owners 1898 East Yorkshire S.S. Co. Ltd. (A. Meek & Sons), Goole
  1911 J. D. & A. D. Negropontes & A. Caroussis, Piraeus; renamed ELENI NEGROPONTES
  1913 D. F. Andreadis, Piraeus; renamed KATINA ANDREADI
  1916 Jean Saparis,  Piraeus; renamed CALIROS
  19/03/1916 captured by Russian destroyers off coast of Bulgaria
  05/1916 Imperial Russian Navy - transport N.132
  05/1918 seized in Sevastopol by German troops
  11/1918 transferred to Allies
  1919 White Russian Government transport; renamed EKATERINODAR
  11/1920 sailed to Bizerta with White Army and Fleet
  1922 Cipriano Torre, Genoa; renamed ESPERIENZA
Fate Q1/1932 broken up in Italy

photo from collection of Kirill Vasilyev



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