Built 08/1888
Type Tug
Tonnages 138 grt, 22 nrt
Length / beam / draft 100.0 x 19.7 x 11.6 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number) J. T. Eltringham, South Shields (139)
Engine Builder J. P. Rennoldson & Sons, South Shields
Engine C2cyl, 75 nhp
O.N. 91318
Owners 1888 Goole & Hull Steam Towing Co. Ltd., Goole
  10/1891 Huena-Piden (Chile) Colliery & Railway Co. Ltd., Puerto de Janez/Yanez, Chile; renamed YANEZ
  1895 Chilean Navy, in service at Talcuahano as an auxiliary gunboat and tender to Isla Quiriquina
Fate 1936 decommissioned


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