Built 1924
Type Cargo Ship
Tonnages 909 grt, 438 nrt
Length / beam / draft 200.2 x 32.1 x 11.7 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number) Goole Shipbuilding & Repairing Co. Ltd., Goole (252)
Engine Builder Earle's Co. Ltd., Hull
Engine T3cyl (16, 27, 44 x 33in), 129 nhp
O.N. 146340
Owners 1924 James Hargreaves & Sons (Leeds) Ltd., Goole
  1939 Toft S.S. Co. Ltd. (T. H. Donking & Sons), Middlesbrough
Fate 10/12/1939 beached west of Dunkirk after a collision with Portuguese vessel LUSO on passage Goole for Dunkirk with pitch

In Ouse Dock, Goole, collection of Waterways Museum, Goole

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