Built 1906
Type Cargo Ship
Tonnages 704 grt, 313 nrt
Dimensions 185.0 x 30.1 x 11.6 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number) J. Fullerton, Paisley (190)
Engine builder Ross & Duncan, Glasgow
Engine T3cyl (16, 26, 44 x 33in), 96 nhp
O.N. 122956
Owners 1906 Gregory B. Wadsworth, Goole
  1920 Emily Wadsworth, Goole
  1922 Quayside Shipping Co. (Connell & Grace), Newcastle; renamed CARTERSIDE
  1923 George Postlethwaite (Wm. Postlethwaite & Sons), Liverpool; renamed NORTHDALE
  1925 Northdale Steamship Co. Ltd. (George Frew), Glasgow
  1930 Eastbrook Trading Co. (Robert Monroe), Liverpool
  1931 Monroe Bros. Ltd. (Robert Monroe), Liverpool; renamed KYLEMOUNT
  1937 Kyle Shipping Co. Ltd. (Robert Monroe), Liverpool
  1937 Walton Steamship Co. Ltd. (Stanley Lunn), Newcastle
  1947 Compañia de Navegación Sohinx S.A., Panama
  1952 Mazzon & Co. (Malta) Ltd., Valletta; renamed UGOL
Fate 30/05/1955 sank about 43 miles off Delimara Point, south of Malta after leaking on a voyage from Malta to Tripoli, Libya.


From the collection of Stan Threadgould, in wartime colours


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