Built 1881
Type Cargo Ship
Tonnages 495 grt, 286 nrt
Dimensions 170.6 x 26.9x 11.7 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number) Hodgson & Soulsby, Blyth (33)
Engine builder J. W. & F. Wilson, Sunderland
Engine C2cyl (21, 40 x 30in), 75 nhp
O.N. 63380
Owners 1881 may have been launched as SENORA CUE, but completed for Wm. France, Goole as KIRKHEATON
  1884 Wm. Clarke, Goole
  1887 Wm. France, Goole
  1891 Gregory B. Wadsworth, Goole
  1902 Carlos Larranaga, Aviles; renamed ANTONIO (Goole registry closed 05/03/1902).
  1912 F. de Asqueta, San Sebastian
  1919 Hijos de F. Asqueta, San Sebastian
  1921 Juanmartinena y Zabalo, San Sebastian
  1923 Gascue y Cruz, San Sebastian

16/12/1925 beached on Noja Beach after collision with Spanish steamer GENOVEVA FIERRO, which sank. She was on passage San Sebastian for Gijon in ballast.


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